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The Haven Program is a non-profit after-school program providing activities for any youth ages 8-18 in Belleville and the surrounding area. We work to give children a safe, Christian environment that is supportive, but not a duplication, of the school day. Some of our Haven-Program Team Leaders and volunteers are educators, councilors, and childcare professionals, with experience in childhood development.

The program provides a balance of homework assistance, tutoring, free play, biblical principles and concept learning, creative development, and life skill development, to help each child develop self-confidence, identity, independence, and life skills. 




Examples of our after-school activities include:


  • Study Rooms

  • Computer Lab

  • Bible Study

  • Library reading time

  • Physical fitness/Gym time

  • Homework assistance

  • Recreation time

  • Cooking classes

  • Holiday parties

  • Dance classes

  • Discussion 

  • Movies

  • Field trips


A meal and a light snack is also provided to all children each day.

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To participate in the HAVEN after-school program, your child must be currently enrolled in school and 8-18 years of age.


To begin the enrollment process, call us at (618) 606-6121.


What happens to a "HAVEN Youth" when school is out for the summer? 


Each summer, hundreds of kids fend for themselves without adult supervision. Many of these children are home alone during the day without structured activities, nutritious meals, or awareness of the risks of having no adult presence.


Will your child be home alone this summer?

Sign them up for the Haven House Summer Camp instead! The Tzion's Haven House & Christian Center provides a fun experience for children ages 8 to 18 each summer. It's a chance for kids to explore, make new friends, and enjoy fun and educational activities.

Children are split into the following age groupings for summer camp:

  • 8-10 years old

  • 11-14 years old

  • 15-18 years old


Camp begins the week after public schools let out for the summer and provide six weeks of fun and learning activities for the kids.


Summer Camp Activities

The activities are carefully planned based on a child's age and abilities, working to retain school year learning and provide age-appropriate learning experiences. Caring and experienced camp counselors and adult volunteers provide a balance of free play, structured learning, creative development, and physical activities.



Each day is different and exciting, but some examples of typical summer camp activities include the following:


  • Computer instruction

  • Physical fitness

  • Recreational sports

  • Swimming

  • Outdoor games and activities

  • Field trips 

  • Dance and theatre

Nutritional meals and snacks are provided each day to all children attending camp. No kid goes hungry on our watch!


Summer Camp- Registration 

We'd love to have your child join us for summer camp! Our summer camp is open to all children ages 8-18 in Belleville and the surrounding areas. Complete the form below, and someone from our team will be in touch with additional details and next steps.



Tzion's Haven House and Christian Center for Youth focuses its programming around three core areas: faith, education, and recreation.



Spiritual Development: Children can participate in faith-based programming, including bible study and devotions.



Bridging the Gap: Students receive homework help, one-on-one tutoring, and skill-building workshops to supplement core competencies in reading, writing, and math. 



Fine Arts: Youth explore visual and performing arts through drama, dance, music production, cooking, architecture, martial arts, ceramics, etc.​


Athletics: Youth engage in soccer, dodge ball, water games, baseball, weightlifting, basketball, cheerleading, and dance, as well as therapeutic activities such as sand play and trauma counseling.


We also encourage:

Computer Club: Children explore creative software programs, tutorial curriculums, and all sorts of digital technology in the Computer Club.

Pathways: Youth prepare for college emotionally, academically, and financially through writing workshops, college tours, FAFSA completion, career assessments, and college admissions coaching starting in 6th grade. 

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