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Your Gifts at Work

Thank you for your donation to Tzion's Haven House and Christian Center for Youth. Your generosity means everything to us and to the community we serve." We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to donating, and we are so grateful that you chose to contribute to our cause. We promise to be responsible stewards of both your donation and your trust. We have a lot of work to do here at Tzion's Haven House and Christian Center for Youth, and your generous gift helps us get that important work done. Your generosity makes an impact not only on the children we serve but to the Kingdom of God. Our success is only possible with generous donors like you. Thank you again for your commitment, kindness, support, and belief in what our center is doing. We couldn't do what we do without amazing people like you. Many people say they want to help; fewer actually step up to do it. Thanks again for being one of the few today and making your essential donation. Every time you donate, you help a child take a step toward their future success.  


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